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Once Upon A Time 1x20 + Arrow 1x12 Reviewed

The Stranger

Emma wants Henry back and is still flippant, hysterical and dumb. August’s true identity is revealed. Regina is smug and August is annoying. Flashbacks show the Blue Fairy flying around in her jellyfish dress. Where did all the magic beans and enchanted trees go in Fairytale land?

Mr Gold somehow knows who August is. This was awful with bad child actors and ridiculous stuff like Regina hurling herself at David and Emma going deeper into her annoying denial.

Best Lines:
“Are you insinuating something?”
“Yes I am.”

“Trust is a big ask.”


The Count (Seth Gabel of ‘Fringe’) is the drug dealer du jour. Thea faces trial. Tommy looks gormless. Laurel guilts Quentin Lance into doing a favour for Thea pointing out he covered up Sarah’s misadventures too. Which is a mistake, Thea does need prison. That or Dr Phil.

How did Oliver get into the Bratva? It is not revealed yet. Instead this ep’s island flashbacks show there was a fight club on the island. Dude stick a fork in 1999 already! Oliver’s ‘mentor’ may not be entirely bad, but I’m beginning not to care.

Oliver also acquired ‘Xena’ style knowledge of pressure points while on the island. The Count camps it up like he is in the 1960’s ‘Batman’ show. At stately Queen manor, Thea is thankless. Quentin Lance isn’t the only cop in Starling City as a female vice cop debuts. She’s Oliver’s love interest isn’t she?

Moira is a hypocrite. Felicity makes a revelation. There is more Windows 8 product placement. Thea has to work for CNRI. There is a showdown. Also Oliver trips on Vertigo. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Whatever you fear, fear me more!”

“You really have a low opinion of me.”

“Looking forward to my new and exciting career as a drug dealer.”
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