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The ‘Jericho’ season 4 comic is back on! Yay!

What on earth has become of Jason London since he was in ’Blood Ties’ in 1991? He’s fallen so far.

Britt Robertson the showkiller of ‘Life Unexpected’ and ‘The Secret Circle’ has been cast in ‘Under The Dome’? Oh hell no.

Reviews of ‘Articles of the Federation’, ‘Deathstalker’, ‘Deathstalker Rebellion’ and ‘Deathstalker War’ forthcoming.

Hazelnut chunk kitkat and mint chunk kitkat = yum. Choc fudge kitkat = yuk.

I am reading ‘The Disappearance’.

Richard III has been found under a council car park, best place for him.

‘World War Z’ super bowl trailer
Oh I’m there! Zombie attack!

Best Line:
“China’s gone.”

Under The Dome’ super bowl teaser
Oh wow, 16 seconds of a book cover.

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ super bowl teaser
A union jack! He’s Khan isn’t he? A lava planet and stuff blows up. Oh yeah.

Best Lines:
“I am better.”
“Than what?”

‘The Following’ 1x03 promo
Looks good.

‘Mama’ trailer
Feral children are taken in by a woman in a bad wig. Uh.

Best Line:
“Don’t go in the closet.”

Got milk? Super bowl ad
Dwayne Johnson wants his milk. He’s gotten old but this was funny.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, the McQueen/Savage storyline bores. Will throws himself a pity party and guilts Dodger into looking after him. Esther is yellow as befits someone with an non-functioning liver. Jack now knows about the bullying. How? He and Frankie overlook their own part in Esther’s despair. Nancy and Darren finally bother to show up. Ruby suddenly feels remorse. Sinead on the other hand cakes on the make up and wants to go to vet school.

Frankie is horrible. Mr Keeler’s replacement shows up. Frankie has a good cry. John-Paul gets a job. Esther makes a death bed video and forgives her bullies. Sinead and Ruby should be in jail fighting whores for cigarettes. Why does John Paul look like he’s catalogue modelling in the opening credits?

Esther gets the liver transplant, but it may be too late. Sinead lies, Sienna hurls herself at man who is not her long lost twin brother for once and Dodger tries to punch Will. Ruby does an over dramatic confession of bullying Esther to the Osborne clan. Frankie does not listen, typical.

Best Line:
“If I ever find the people who drove her to this, I swear...”
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