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Last Resort 1x12 + Revenge 2x05 + Missing 1x05 + Alcatraz 1x13 Reviewed

The Pointy End of the Spear

Kendal broods, Sophie annoys, Tani returns, Chaplin never listens and the officers are never on the sub. The COB and his gang blow up the Chinese supply ship. Serrat annoys. Chaplin knows Kendal has turned on him. The COB shoots up drugs. The coup fails. Kylie’s dad is evil. There is a twist and then another. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Only one of you has nuclear teeth.”

“I’ve seen that look before, it doesn’t usually lead to good things.”

“If you’re going to drink this early in the morning. Brush your teeth before you report.”

“You want us gone. I wanna be gone.”

“The XO, does he seem like himself to you?”


Aiden bores and tells Emily he knows best. Kara goes to Victoria and gives her a big hug. Victoria and Conrad wanted Kara dead, instead she’s their houseguest. Victoria screams. Declan is not forgiving Charlotte. The Porter’s don’t find it suspicious that the guy Declan burgled is always hanging around with them and ‘helping’ them out.

Amanda and Jack’s son Carl has been born. Daniel continues to do nothing to clear David Clarke. Emily does not care about Nolan as she is busy having flashbacks. Kara thinks David is guilty. Charlotte is thick. Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) returns and slimes.

Ashley and Emily’s friendship seems to have fallen by the wayside. Padma is not to be trusted. Aiden makes ridiculous threats and stirs the pot. Amanda and Kara have a touching ’reunion’. Jack is stupid. Emily does one thing right by Amanda and then stares into the distance while thinking profound thoughts. This was okay but Aiden needs to go, he’s a show killer.

Best Line:
“Every maid has her price.”

The Three Bears

I finally caught up with this ep after missing it. The stupid Dax follows Becca. The CIA act like jerks. Violet smirks and it is obvious she is a bad one. Nobody notices. Michael is stupid. Becca and her puffy face travels from Paris to Prague.

Flashbacks show how Becca and Paul recovered from an affair she had during their marriage. In flashbacks Becca sports an awful wig and a maxi skirt. She looks like a maniac pixie dream girl gone to seed.

Michael and his former sex trafficking victim girlfriend discuss insulin. Dax sleeps with Violet and stomps his feet and makes demands to get people to do what he wants. Michael steps up. Becca robs a bank. Dax is smug. Nobody notices and will not for another few episodes that Violet is mouthy trash. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Next door neighbour’s kid is smoking joints in your backyard again.”

“He walked out on our marriage for an up-do and a push-up bra.”

“Poor Dax. He looks so frustrated.”

“To you, he was always perfect.”

Tommy Madsen

The final ever ep in which nothing is explained. Rebecca learns Tommy Madsen knew her late partner Will. It seems the late Will was in the pay of the billionaire ex-con. Another 63 shows up. A sinister guy in the 1960’s (Matt Craven) was doing stuff to the cons.

Lucy asks questions, the Alcatraz doctor hates the 21st century. Tommy Madsen is a thug and flashbacks to him and his son and Ray only reinforce that. Rebecca chases Tommy Madsen in scenes ripped off from ‘Bullitt’. Rebecca is stupid and this leads to Tommy Madsen shivving her and she dies. Yay!

This was okay but nothing is explained. Ray is useless and this show had no point.

Unanswered Questions:
What is the deal with the billionaire ex-con? Who is sinister guy? Where is the warden in 2012? Why were they tracking the 63s? Who is they? Why did they time travel? What else does the silver in the blood do? WTF was the warden up to? What did Hauser mean when he said Madsen is active again? What happened to Desoto when he was a kid? Who is Hauser’s boss? Why are the 63s fighting each other? What is the deal with the control room behind the door? What is the status of Lucy and Hauser’s relationship? Why was Will paid to watch Rebecca? Why did Tommy Madsen kill his grand-daughter? How did Rebecca’s adoptive parents die? What else does Ray know? Why was creepy guy watching Tommy Madsen since 1952? Why is creepy guy in the secret room?

Best Lines:
“Even the damn ocean hates us.”

“What have you done to it?”

“Does this mean the warden is back?”

“He can’t be a 63. And that’s him.”

“I lost you twice already.”

“Who did this?”
“Your brother.”

“They’re everywhere.”
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