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Book Review: Madeline

Madeline After The Fall of Usher by Marie Kiraly

This terrible novel (published in 1996) is a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’. A pontificating damsel named Pamela shows up to visit Edgar Allan Poe one dark night. She has a tale to tell the hypochondriac hysteric Poe. Her son has been kidnapped by the Usher clan. So begins a turgid florid over written tale of Southern gothic.

Pamela is not an active agent and Poe is ludicrous. The overdone narrative is told from about three different points of view and the plot encompasses magic, inbreeding, epidemics, premature burial, reincarnation, possession, sexual violence and a ludicrous ending. The author also wrote the equally awful ‘Leanna: Possession of a woman’.

Best Lines:
“She did so in a tone so cold and calm I knew my entire future with her depended on my reply.”

“Take her away from those evil people before they claim her soul they way they claimed his.”

“I’ve been thrown out of houses before.”

“Sometimes, Mister Will cries out in his sleep calling his wife’s name with such horror that I have to wake him, even though I know he may harm me before he realizes that it isn’t her touching him.”
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