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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x01 Review

Samson and Delilah

Cameron's moral polarity is switched to bad and so she chases John and Sarah all over town. Eventually though she is apparently able to over-ride her own programming and decides not to terminate John. To deal with all this, John gives himself a terrible haircut. After the events of 'What he Beheld', Ellison staggers around having a crisis. Cromartie continues to hang around boring people, as does Derek. Meanwhile Shirley Manson of the band 'Garbage' shows up as business woman Catherine Weaver who is more than she seems. She's got plans for a project called Babylon.

This was good. 97% of season 1 was plagued by dullness and people sitting around talking but this has action and best of all, no Sarah monologue. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this episode: the whole deal with Cameron, John finally stepping up and the enigma that is Weaver.
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