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Movie Reviews: The Hurt Locker + Terror By Night + Dressed To Kill

The Hurt Locker (2008)

James (Jeremy Renner of ‘Thor’, ‘Avengers’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’) is a bomb disposal expert in Iraq. He’s also a reckless adrenaline junkie whose colleagues don’t like him and one even thinks about killing him. This was directed by Kathryn Bigelow who also gave us ‘Near Dark’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’.

People get shot, Guy Pearce and Ralph Fiennes have cameos and promptly die and James can’t connect with his son and wife (Evangeline Lilly of ‘Lost’). James is obviously disturbed and the ending is bitter. This was very worthy I’m sure but it did nothing for me. This was released by the same studio that made ‘Sorority Row’ and they thought that would be the bigger hit. Oh dear.

Best Lines:
“I thought we got divorced. I mean she’s still living in the house and she says we’re still together.”

“Was at a whorehouse.”
“Alright. If I let you in, you tell me where it is exactly?”

Terror by Night (1946)

Colonel Sebastian Moran menaces Holmes and co on a train. He’s after the Star of Rhodesia, a 450 caret diamond worth £50,000. There is bad acting and the high gothic theme has been ditched since ‘The House of Fear’ for a wannabe noir theme. Basil Rathbone looks old and bored.

People run around the choo-choo. There’s murder and theft. Watson is stupid. Holmes bluffs Moran. This is less than an hour long and is boring.

Best Lines:
“It would have been better had it never been found.”

“Because a perfect stranger to me got himself murdered, you come to question me?”

“You come pounding on this door again and I’ll have the law on you.”
“I am the law.”
“Then stop barging in and out of my room like a chambermaid.”

“For an innocent man, you carry strange things in your pockets.”

Dressed To Kill (1946)

The last in the series as Basil Rathbone quit. Femme fatale Hilda who really wants to be Irene Adler is after music boxes made in Dartmoor prison. Watson and Holmes discuss Watson’s just published tale ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’. Watson can write? I doubt he’s capable of tying his own shoelaces.

Watson mangles the pronunciation of Irene Adler’s name. Holmes looks into music boxes and Watson whines and is oblivious and sexist. Holmes and Watson are patronising. Hilda pulls evil faces and everyone is after some stolen Bank of England plates.

Holmes has a complete and utter disregard for people’s emotional well being. The baddies try to kill Holmes in a death trap and make a reference to Germans and poison gas. In 1946, ouch. Everyone is a first class tool and the cruel modern winds of change cannot be ignored. This was terrible.This entire series was a meandering mess in fact.

Best Lines:
“Your slightly lurid tales.”

“Stinky hasn’t had his tea yet.”

“No-one’s home.”
“I hope that’s the explanation.”

“Follow that cab.”

“By now Mr Holmes has no doubt exchange his violin for a harp.”
“Always assuming that heaven is his destination.”

“I think this gentleman on the floor requires some medical attention.”
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