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Reviews of: ‘The Croning’, ‘Interstellar Pig’, ’She’, ’Source Code’ and ‘Grave Encounters 2’ forthcoming.

Read up on where ‘Last Resort’ would have gone had it not been axed. Oh dear, now I’m glad it was cancelled.

‘Generation Warriors’ Quote:
“Those who sweep tails across the sand of reason, where proofs of wisdom abound.”

“Unworthy to be egg-layers!”

‘Warm Bodies’ TV spot
The book was awful, the film looks even worse.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Lacey has apparently exited the show off screen. Doug is back. Ste has no shame about living in sin with Brendan. Hollyoaks school ignores the fact it had a bullying problem. John-Paul was outed and bullied by his classmates including Craig. In fact Craig also hit him, their relationship was never very healthy.

Brendan stirs the pot. Doug does not mention his sick dad. Ste doesn’t even apologise for cheating on Doug. Everyone overlooks the fact that Ste and Doug have a civil partnership which needs to be severed legally. Brendan belittles Doug, Ste overlooks this. Brendan plays the victim.

Jen pulls more crap to save her job and gets Mr Keeler fired. Mr Keeler expresses no remorse over his failure to help Esther. Brendan learns Ste is lying to Amy and telling her he and Doug are still together. Brendan and Ste are lowlifes, WTF have the writers done to Ste? They’ve made him stupid and callous.

Best Lines:
“Daddy Doug is long gone.”

“I did nothing wrong.”

“Kids like Esther Bloom, who nobody was listening to...we failed her so badly
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