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Movie Reviews: Pursuit to Algiers + The Woman In Green

Pursuit to Algiers (1945)

Watson is a vexatious nag as the duo talk about going fishing. Again? After the stunt Holmes pulled in ‘The Spider Woman’? Emeralds have been stolen and Holmes has to protect the crown prince of a made up country. Holmes, Watson and the crown prince end up on a cruise ship named SS Friesland full of suspicious types. Holmes treats Watson like a fool. Holmes fakes his death again, there are musical numbers and this is boring.

Best Lines:
“Green was never a very becoming colour to the old trout.”

“We loathe fish and chips.”

“Where Holmes go. I go too.”

The Woman In Green (1945)

Moriarty is back, played by yet another new actor. Gregson hunts a serial killer. Boring people bore, there is a blackmail plot and Watson has no life outside of Holmes. Moriarty was declared dead and not via plunging into the sewers back in ‘The Secret Weapon’.

Watson is threatened and is stupid beyond words. This was based in part on ‘The Empty House’. There is hypnosis, Watson is a dolt, there is a mention of Mycroft and there is an evil woman. Holmes is hypnotised and the evil woman offers him cannabis to help him go under.

There is a final showdown with Moriarty who doesn’t just shoot Holmes when he has the chance. Moriarty falls off a roof, you half expect him to do a Fu Manchu and cry: “The world shall hear from me again.” This was really dull and silly.

Best Lines:
“Paper! Horrible murder!”

“There ought to be a law against fat people.”

“I was arrested for exceeding the speed limit.”
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