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A trailer & Hollyoaks ponderings

‘Black Mirror’ series 2 trailer
Looks creepy, “The future is broken.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“The bum of the month club.”

“Any guy that would move in with you after a week, I’m guessing, is not a pillar of the community.”

RIP ‘Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Walker’s back and lurking in the bushes. Ste lies to Amy that he is still with Doug and makes the abusive violent drug dealer/murderer Brendan baby-sit his children. Tilly feels bad about ignoring Esther. Brendan is a failure as a babysitter and beats up a random guy in a fit of rage. Leah runs away terrified straight into the arms of the just returned Doug. Why is Ste leaving his kids alone with Brendan? Where did his brain go? Frankie is nowhere to be seen as per usual. She ignored Ruby’s sarcastic remarks and slights against Esther and passed them off as innocent comments. Riley’s dad returns, where is Bobby?

Jen brands Tilly a stalker and has her expelled in a quest to save her job. Tilly slaps Jen and vows vengeance. Mr Keeler is useless and overly concerned about Sinead and her womb fruit. Phoebe is suspended. Ruby and Sinead smirk. Seamus and Walker have a drink in the local and no-one recognises Walker.

Best Lines:
“You’ve only one look haven’t you? Rough!”

“You. Out. Now!”

“I just stood by and watched everyone turn against you.”
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