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Book Review: Reserved for the Cat

Reserved for the Cat by Mercedes Lackey

This is a delightful fantasy tale. Ninette Dupond is just another ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet. She has dreams of stardom and hopefully, a wealthy protector who will save her from poverty. But unfortunately for Ninette what should have been her big break turns into ruin. With the prima ballerina injured, Ninette has to dance her role and is too good. So Ninette is fired to save the prima ballerina's ego.

Unemployed, hungry and facing financial ruin and hunger, Ninette has no hope. Until a cat appears in her room and speaks to her. The cat guides her to England and to the music halls of Blackpool. There she will impersonate renowned Russian prima ballerina Nina Tchereslavsky. Ninette makes friends, gains allies and builds a career in Blackpool.

but Ninette is unaware that half a continent away, the thing that used to be the real Nina Tchereslavsky has learnt of her impersonation and is coming to destroy the usurper.

This was a delightful fantasy tale of magical cretures, magicians, ballet and musical theatre.
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