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Last Resort 1x11 + Revenge 2x04 + Alcatraz 1x12 Reviewed

Damn The Torpedoes

The Chinese supply ship approaches, a typhoon blows and Kendal gets drunk on the beach. If the USA is trying to starve them off Sainte Marina, where did he get the beer? Sophie annoys. Meanwhile a coup is being planned to make the Speaker (Ernie Hudson) president and Admiral Sheppard is out of jail and in on it.

Kylie talks too much. Serrat and his rare earths obsession shows up again. People talk about their feelings. The COB is planning a mutiny and Kendal, who really needs a shower, has turned on Chaplin. Grace has issues as the USS Colorado faces off with the destroyer the USS Patrick Lawrence.

There is rain, a fistfight, Cortez picks a side, Chaplin fails to notice Kendal’s reactive psychosis and the big mouth wannabe COB smirks. This was not good at all.

Best Lines:
“What are we doing here?”

“Marcus Chaplin will never fire on a US Navy ship, ever.”

“The navy’s not big on non-lethal options.”

“I know who the enemy is.”

“Don’t. Drop. This.”

“He’ll see this through to the bitter end.”


Scary loner bitch Emily weeps in Aiden’s arms. That sums up everything that is wrong with season 2. Aiden interferes, Ashley plays Daniel and Nolan’s father is dead. Declan and Jack are the unknowing victims of a sabotage campaign.

Victoria throws Amanda a baby shower and Amanda shows up with her fellow strippers from the hilariously named Beaver Dam. There are revelations about Kara and Amanda goes over a balcony. Nobody pays much attention to how people around the Grayson’s die in dubious circumstances or go over balconies.

Emily’s cold and then is confrontation, anger and spite. This was all so boring. Get Aiden off this show,

Best Lines:
“You will never be done.”

“Does anyone know any shower games?”
“Girl do I.”

Garrett Stillman

Lucy’s awake and she has put on way too much blusher. There is an armoured truck heist. Lucy’s back at work and she talks about her ‘time jump’ with Desoto and Rebecca and manages to tell them nothing of any importance. Why wasn’t Lucy in the Alcatraz records?

Desoto and Rebecca finally wonder who is helping the 63s. Hauser finds a mysterious door on Alcatraz. The 63 of the week robs a mysterious billionaire and steals something and there’s a big non-revelation. This was uninteresting. Why did the warden like to stir the pot back in the 60s? Will anything be revealed in the one episode left?
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