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‘The Following’ 1x02 promo
Nutty cult members and a snotty female sidekick. Mmmmm.

Last Resort’ 1x13 promo
Chaplin’s bluff is called and Kendal makes a move. Looking forward to this.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Esther’s bleak hopeless despair and emotional trauma continues as she learns the long list of medical problems she has brought on herself. Ruby bullies Esther in her hospital bed. Frankie is horrible towards Esther and screams abuse at her. Where are social services? Jack finally realises how badly he has failed Esther.

George finally gives a damn about Esther, he finally remembers how he was bullied too. Sinead and Ruby continue to have no remorse and brand Esther selfish. Tilly has Esther’s diary. Esther thinks she deserved the bullying and TPTB continue to drag the storyline out. This is worse than when Max turned on his best friend OB because OB told him his wife Clare was a murderous psycho. OB was right but Max took months to cop on.

Esther looks too healthy for someone with a kaput liver. The council haven’t cleaned up the folly where Esther tried to kill herself. Phoebe beats up Ruby. George admits he let Esther down and he and Ruby tell the callous headmaster Mr Keeler that he is a joke.

Tilly sneaks off with the art teacher Jen for a make out session in the folly but instead gets a shocking revelation that Jen saw the suicidal Esther and did nothing to help. Tilly realises she let Esther down and that Jen is vile. Frankie is nowhere to be seen naturally.

Best Lines:
“What’s wrong with you?”

“What did you do to help her?”

A review of ‘Unstoppable’ coming soon.

I am looking forward to series 2 of ‘Black Mirror’.

Channel 4’s ‘Utopia’ is a big pile of poo. Give me ‘Wild Palms’ any day.
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