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Arrow 1x10 Reviewed


Oliver’s lost his mojo in the six weeks since the Dark Archer kicked his ass. Diggle annoys, there are island flashbacks and does Quentin Lance ever smile? Thea annoys, Walter is AWOL and people declare that the vigilante is a hero.

A firebug is on the loose. Tommy Merlyn plans another fundraiser, Laurel bores and steals the phone aka bat signal that the vigilante gave her father. Tommy Merlyn once rented a football stadium to play strip kickball with models and Laurel wants to date this person?

Oliver needs to get over his hopeless phase, Thea acts like a spoilt brat and where has her drug addiction/mean girl posse gone? Will Red Arrow ever show up on this show? Oliver navel gazes some more. Oliver confronts the bad guy who cannot act. Quentin Lance is not nice and Laurel’s co-worker Joanna gets a plot. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“I am not exactly the best example for healthy grieving.”

“Your new club’s a briquette.”

“Using your own daughter as bait, that’s stone cold.”

“We go hunting.”

“This is the second time in five years that the CEO of Queen Consolidated has vanished under mysterious circumstances.”
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