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‘Jinx’ High Quotes:
“She’s tried a most ambitious sorcery, the invocation of one of the Greater Abyssals...a mouse ran across one of the lines of protection surrounding her and erased a fraction of an inch of it."

“A feeling as though there was something very wrong about her.”

‘Far Edge of Darkness’ Quotes:
“She’d once had a hairdresser crucified for tugging too hard on a tendril of hair.”

“Sibyl realized how Cassandra must have felt on the walls of Troy.”

“If you want my advice, go buy a ten-thousand-dollar whore and work it off..”

“Rumpere, Invidia.”
(To destroy ill will)

I am reading ‘The Man With The Golden Torc’.

A review of ‘The Hurt Locker’ is forthcoming.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Frankie is angry at the comatose Esther ignoring how each round of abuse brought Esther closer to the breaking point until she gave up. Esther may die but her being dead helps no one but Sinead and Ruby. Tilly feels guilty as does Jack. No-one else does. Esther needs a liver transplant. Frankie is in denial about how she ignored Esther’s pain. The headmaster and Jen are jobsworths and don’t really care about the bullying they ignored. Ruby and Sinead have no remorse. In other storylines: Mercedes continues to ignore the fact she lost custody of her son.

Best Lines:
“We are horrible people.”

“We need to look upset.”

'Nashville' promo
Okay, I'm interested.
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