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Fringe 5x12&5x13 + Once Upon A Time 1x18 Reviewed

Liberty/An Enemy of Fate

This was a disappointing end to the series after five years. Olivia travels to the other universe, Peter seems to have forgotten he was born in the other universe and the child Observer is menaced by other Observers. What did the Observers do to the Statue of Liberty?

In the other universe Lincoln Lee and the other Olivia are married but he still has thing for Olivia. Also Chelsea Clinton is to be President. Lincoln Lee annoys and then Olivia returns home after some sap, Olivia twitches, nobody cares about Walternate and Lincoln Lee pulls faces.

Walter proclaims his love for Peter. I guess TPTB want us to forget season 4. Everyone ignores the fact that he isn’t Peter’s father. He stole him and then brainwashed him to forget that fact. It seems to have worked as Peter doesn’t mind Walter talking about him like he is a possession.

Bad things happen to Broyles, poor Gene is trapped in Amber, there is more sap and yapping about feeling. The gang kill Observers and Loyalists in disgusting fashion via old fringe events. There is incoherent action. More people die and a sap filled ending. If the Observers never came to be than why isn’t Peter in the other universe?!?!? I did not like this at all. It was an utter disappointment and once again Walter stole some other man's child and got away with it.

Best Lines:
“We have no idea what you’d find over there.”

“When we first came here, we did not know the true nature of our expedition. We were not told.”

“Nature abhors a paradox.”

“They intend to reset time.”

The Stable Boy

Mr Gold and Regina are conspiring to send Mary Margaret up the river. Emma is stupid and a snot and wears a stupid hoodie. Storybrooke has a DA and is it the former evil king (Alan Dale). He makes Mary Margaret look stupid and murderous in less than 5 minutes. Hee. Emma hangs out with August, the creepy drifter. Nobody is looking for Jefferson. Emma finds a convenient shovel shard. But when it comes to going up against Regina, Emma won’t win. She won’t even place. Mary Margaret blubbers. Emma finally figures out Sidney Glass is a bad one.

Flashbacks to fairytale land show how Regina had a nasty mother named Cora (Barbara Hershey of ‘Black Swan’). Cora was fond of giving unwanted ‘helpful advice’. Regina was in love with Daniel the stable boy (it's the guy who plays the goob Ryan Fletcher on 'Nikita'). Cora (Hershey overacts more than she did in ‘Black Swan’) wants Regina to marry the king and be stepmother to Snow (a terrible child actress). Everyone sounds like they are reading their lines off cue cards. Snow sees Regina kissing Daniel. Cora rips out Daniel’s heart and Regina’s epic hatred of the stupid Snow is born. This was not good not even Regina’s pimped out wedding dress and the twist ending could save this ep.

Best Line:
“You’ve finally done something right.”

“You do deserve this.”

“Why have you done this?”
“Because this is your happy ending.”
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