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Book Reviews: Black Thorn, White Rose + Mysterium

Black Thorn, White Rose edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

The 2nd in the fairy tale anthologies series is almost as dull as the 1st. However this does have two good stories. ‘The Goose Girl’ which retells the tale about the Princess and the false bride from the perspective of the Prince. And ‘The Black Swan’ which tells the story of an ungainly Princess who changes everything about herself to make the Prince love her. Other than those two stories, I can’t recommend this volume.

Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson

It seems to me Eric Flint got his idea for ‘1632’ from this book. There is a government research installation near the small town of Two Rivers. It is devoted to investigating a mysterious artefact discovered in a desert years earlier. By accident or design, someone has activated the artefact and Two Rivers has been sent someplace else.

Two Rivers now exists in an alternate world where the country is a Gnostic theocracy and history and the world map are very different. Two Rivers is a dangerous anomaly in this new world and the two cultures collide. This is a compelling and highly recommended tale.

Best Lines:
“When the idolatry laws were passed and the Proctors came to take her father away, he went wordlessly. A month later they came back for Linneth’s mother who screamed all the way down the drive to the boxy black truck.”

“Joe Kingsley hadn’t been in his right mind since his wife died last August, you could tell because he never washed his clothes anymore.”
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