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Trailers & a 2005 tape tale

Cleared out a tape from 2005. It began with a boring season 4 ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Transference’ in which Clark and Lionel switch bodies, a prison has weird visiting hours, Lionel tries to kill Lex again and Jensen Ackles is in the opening credits for some unknown reason. Then came the dull ‘Stargate Atlantis’ eps ’The Siege 1&2’ in which the show jumps the shark as Atlantis’ isolation from Earth is ended. The Wraith attack, there is too much talking, McKay whines and there is a really annoying guest star.

Finally there was a ‘Point Pleasant’ ep ‘Secrets and Lies’ in which Judy the Judas turns on Christina. Judy and Jesse stalk Christina as she looks for her mommy. Jesse’s mommy and her crazy jealous husband have issues. Judy’s parents have issues over emotional adultery and a woman falls out a window.

Best Lines:
“We both know what you are.”

“You and your folks are the only family I’ve got.”
“We’re the only family you had.”

“You’re not welcome here anymore.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’ Esther is bullied some more, her family blame her for everything and openly distain her. Bottles of pee are thrown at her, once as she stands in front of an anti-bullying poster. The whole college is in on it. Tilly ignores Esther who has finally reached breaking point. In another storyline: Dodger won’t button his shirt.

Esther decides to kill herself, her family neither notice or care. Ruby, Frankie and Jack treat Esther with open contempt and heap abuse on her. Frankie fawns over Ruby and Sinead and treats her own granddaughter as a nuisance. Sinead’s mother runs an anti-bullying workshop during which Esther is bullied to the great hilarity of the student body, nobody cares.

Jen is selfish and ignores Esther who is gobbling pills and slugging vodka. To Esther’s horror, her suicide attempt fails. Frankie and Jack heap abuse on her head ignoring all evidence of how unhappy she is. Esther ends up in hospital with liver failure and Ruby berates her. Frankie, Jack, Ruby, Sinead and Jen are the worst people in the world. How much longer can this drag on? It is hard to watch. I wonder if Esther will die and come back as a murderous ghost like in ‘Tormented’.

‘Revolution’ promo
Preppers were right all along!

‘The Following’ promo
Oh hell yeah.

‘Smallville’ season 4 promo: ‘Spell’
Oh how utterly camp and shark jumpy.

Mysterium’ Quotes:
“This isn’t a good place we’ve come to.”

“The town and all its inhabitants were malum in se and must be erased from the face of the earth.”
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