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Last Resort 1x10 + Revenge 2x03 + Fringe 5x11 Reviewed

Blue Water

Somehow King and Kendal have got off Sainte Marina and to the Philippines in a flurry of really bad green screen. The useless Christine is subject to rendition. A Chinese envoy shows up on Sainte Marina. The COB finally stumbles out of the jungle.

Kylie learns of something big coming and the COB has to deal with 25 imprisoned crewmembers. Kendal has lost it. There is talk about a reckoning, Chaplin is floundering and Serrat shows up to annoy.

This is better than ‘Scandal’. There’s a shootout, a twist and things are getting worse. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You owe me nothing Sam and you never have.”

“I figured you for shark chum by now.”

“They may come in peace but let’s be prepared.”

“I leave for a week and we become the USS Leavenworth?”

“World War III has already started.”

“Prison is a luxury we can no longer afford.”


Aiden is really annoying, Emily bashes him over the head and leaves him in a dumpster. Victoria’s bargain with the White Haired Man is revealed. Declan has taken up burgling, but sucks at it. Jack and Amanda are on the rocks.

Amanda wants a family. Emily manipulates. Aiden beats people up. Declan gets into trouble. Victoria gives a big press conference full of lies. Jack pontificates. What is with the revenge training school and why am I supposed to care about Aiden? There is a revelation. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Who leaves a baseball signed by Babe Ruth out in the open?”

“I’m not doing late night feedings by the beer taps.”

“This house of dysfunction.”

“There are things at play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.”

The Boy Must Live

The gang hook up with the being formerly known as September aka Donald. We get to see the grim future the Observers come from and their origin is revealed. The observers went into the past to observe primitive humans, they never were good guys.

Walter and Donald’s plan is revealed. Olivia sees it as a way to get Etta back overlooking the huge fact that if the plan works than Peter will be in the other universe and never have known her.

As with all of Walter’s plans. Things go wrong. So how will the two hour finale wrap all this up? Plus is William Bell still in amber? Will John Scott ever show up again? This was okay.

Best Line:
“You weren’t referring to my son, you were referring to yours.”
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