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‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 trailer

‘Fringe’ finale trailer
I’ve a horrible feeling about how this will end. Why hasn’t the other Olivia aged?

Best Line:
“Fate can be changed.”

‘Last Resort’ 1x12 promo
Things get tense and it looks like Kendal’s going to crack some more.

‘Once Upon A Time’ 1x18 promo

A sequel to ‘Outpost’ and ‘Juggernaut’ is coming. Yay!

I am reading ‘Mysterium’.

‘Mysterium’ Quotes:
“I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.”
“So was Chernobyl until it blew up.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Will has convinced everyone that Texas pushed him down the stairs. Including Texas. Will may be paralysed, Dodger is unsympathetic and Texas is not under arrest for GBH. Tilly stands idly by as Sinead and Ruby publicly bully Esther.

Jen, the art teacher has the students create a memorial for Neil, Maddie and Jono. Dodger finally gets a clue that Sienna is a cow. Tilly and Jen hook up in inappropriate fashion.

The pervy barrister is drawing up Myra’s will. Jacqui returns. Dr Paul tells Myra she isn’t dying after all. To get out of his lie, he lies again and tells her it was a mistake. The pervy barrister suggests a lawsuit against the hospital. Myra and Jacqui look happy at the thought of money.

Texas is falling for Will in a Florence Nightingale effect. Dodger attacks Will in his hospital bed. Meanwhile the part of the art memorial featuring Maddie has been slashed. Ruby and Sinead blame Esther. They’re right, for once. Esther reaches out to Tilly only to be ignored. When will the abhorrent Sinead and Ruby get theirs?

Best Lines:
“I find it anti-creative, patronising and quite frankly insulting.”

“Will’s on painkillers, he doesn’t know what he wants.”

“Peaches, always gives me wind.”

“At least my gay came back!”
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