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Buffy The Vampire Slayer #17 Reviewed

Welcome To The Team, Part Two

Again I ask, what is the point of season 9? Various issues have told okay stories but there is no coherent cohesive whole. Dowling is chewed on by a zompire, Billy continues to be a useless author’s pet, Buffy is selfish, Illyria yaps, Dawn may by dying, Xander continues to go all ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’ and the big bad is revealed and he ‘s boring.

This was okay but had ugly art. But why does Buffy no longer care about the slayer army she created? Does no-one realise how icky the whole Xander/Dawn hookup is? Why is Xander becoming an even more mean, despicable, jerkass lying liar who lies?

Best Line:
“The cold medicine was asking for it.”
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