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Bones 8x01 + Fringe 5x10 + Charmed 4x07 Reviewed

The Future In The Past

Three months have passed since Brennan did a runner and now she has a bad bleach job and whines about how hard it is on her. Booth stomps around, Angela and Hodgins are blatantly unprofessional and the new opening credits are ugly and too high pitched.

Agent Flynn (Reed Diamond of ‘Dollhouse’) is suddenly and suspiciously helpful. Brennan sulks and is inconsiderate. The team vow to foil the rotten piece of humanity Pelant.

Realism isn’t this show’s forte. Sweets needs to go away. This show has protagonist centred morality. Antics take place to foil Pelant but there is a twist! This was good, save for Brennan’s annoying self justification and the hugs all round scene. I’m sure Pelant and Flynn will show up again.

Best Lines:
“Do I sound bitter?”
“Not nearly enough.”

Anomaly XB-6783746

Walter tantrums, Nina is under suspicion and the child Observer is examined. Nobody asks why there are no female Observers, why they dress like it is the 1940s and have stupid names. Etta is still dead but Peter and Olivia seem to be mostly over it. Also Peter has zero side effects from putting in and then yanking out Observer tech.

Bad things happen to various people, Nina and makes a big speech and then more bad things happen. This was okay with a bizarre ending.

Best Line:
“I though Massive Dynamic black labs didn’t exist.”

Brain Drain

Piper whines, Phoebe wears a slutty Heidi outfit and Cole lurks. Piper wanders down a dark alley and is abducted and given demonic hallucinations. She is made to think she is an inmate at Halliwell hospital and that Dr Wyatt is her inappropriate shrink. ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ copied this ep.

The Oracle prances around in sequins, Paige does not like Cole and Cole fights to save Piper, which makes the fact the sisters turned their backs on him not long afterward all the more cruel. Anyway Piper is being gas lighted into reciting a power stripping spell.

Piper hallucinates that Paige is a fellow inmate in a half shirt who doesn’t like her, that Prue was released from the nuthouse, that Phoebe is a slutty fellow inmate who runs around with a sweeping brush and that the Book Of Shadows is a notebook of childish scribblings.

The day is saved, Paige wears a denim maxi skirt with slits and a snot coloured belly shirt for some unknown reason, Cole blows up the Oracle and this was okay. Cole and Phoebe run upstairs for some fornication after the day is saved, Leo and Piper orb upstairs for some fornication of their own and Paige goes to the store. Hee.
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