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Movie Review: The In Crowd

The In Crowd (2000)

This glossy but silly ‘Wild Things’ rip-off features Tess Harper, Katharine Towne, Ethan Erickson, Lori Heuring and Susan Ward. Adrien (Heuring) is let out of the loony bin after a violent stalking episode and sent to work at a country club. There the social Queen Bee Brittany (Ward of ‘Wild Things 2’ and ‘Sunset Beach’) befriends her.

Adrien hangs out with the oily, orange, desperate, obnoxious rich kids in their dated attire. There is classicism, silly dialogue and everything looks murky. Someone finally clues Adrien in on Brittany’s sister Sandra who used to be the Queen Bee until she ran off and guess what? Adrien looks just like her. Adrien and Brittany have a falling out that results in murder, committal to a loony bin and a fight.

This fails in scene after scene to make you emotionally invest in the characters, the acting is of the dull surprise variety, there is an improbable loony bin escape, outdated tech, teen think and a really silly climax. This was just boring. Stick to ‘Wild Things’ and ‘Wild Things 3’ and you’ll be better off.

Best Lines:
“Just remember your place and you’ll do fine.”

“Aren’t you guys getting a little old for this?”
“We were getting too old for it 5 years ago.”

“Did we just get dissed by the cabana girl?”

“A little vacation.”
“I thought you were in rehab.”

“That girl’s got some fangs.”

“She emptied her trust fund and just took off.”

“If only she would go away.”

“You killed Sandra, your own flesh and blood and buried her on the golf course!”
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