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Book Review: Suckers

Suckers by Anne Billson

This tale of upwardly mobile vampires in London was published in 1993. Dora is an unpleasant borderline sociopath ‘creative consultant’ who is obsessed with the egomaniac Duncan. She gets joy from harassing Duncan’s wife Lulu and a woman who bought a flat Dora was interested in years earlier.

The spiteful stalker Dora worships Duncan as a sensitive, brooding, artistic deep thinker ignoring all the evidence that he is an abusive, manipulative jackass. Dora and Duncan see a vampire themed fashion magazine layout and become concerned that someone from their past has returned.

In the 1970’s when they were ‘art’ students, Dora and Duncan encountered a vampire named Violet. Now it seems she is back and she isn’t alone. This is a wonderful account of a vampire takeover of yuppie London. Everyone is vapid and has money to burn, everything is style and no substance and a mysterious new conglomerate has opened in the newly developed Docklands. Yes this has dated technology, a dated social scene, outdated computer technology, payphones and dated geopolitics but it is a good tale of soulless people, some by nature and some by choice. The author also wrote the ineffective ghost story ‘Stiff Lips’.

Best Lines:
“As soon as the Channel Tunnel opened, I’d decided, I would send her address to a selection of Belgian youth groups.”

“I knew where she worked because I’d followed her there.”

“I could enjoy the spectacle as Patricia emerged, tense and nervous after opening the latest in the YOU ARE A SLUT AND WILL DIE HORRIBLY series.”

“I informed her that her every move was being watched by mR BoNes and his BoDy Rot CReW, members of a Californian killer-hippy cult which was plotting to take over the whole world, starting with Lambeth.”

“She appeared to be having some kind of nervous breakdown. I was hugely embarrassed, and disowned her on the spot.”

“One time, for instance, I added pieces of broken razor-blade to my latest collage. It was hailed as an artistic triumph, especially when one of the tutors slashed his finger and had to be rushed to hospital.”
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