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Retro Review: Charmed 4x05 + Alcatraz 1x10

Size Matters

Paige (Rose McGowan of ’Scream’ and ’Jawbreaker’) is still finding her footing with her new found half sisters Piper and Phoebe. Also she has found a house with a bad vibe and wants to check it out. This episode originally aired in October 2001 and you can see how Rose McGowan looked before her horrible cosmetic surgery.

Piper has P3 redecorated in a silly subplot, Phoebe looks for a job and a demon (Robert Englund of ‘Urban Legend’ and ‘Hatchet’) likes to shrink women, coat them in clay and bake them in a kiln. The sisters are menaced, there is bad acting, Phoebe is shallow and this was okay.

Best Line:
“Can you do that in public?”

Clarence Montgomery

Desoto spends his days looking for 63s and the latest one shows up. Once again the time travelling/no aging thing is ignored. The opening credits for this show are really annoying. Clarence was an innocent man sent to Alcatraz and there he was brainwashed into becoming a killer.

Rebecca and her greasy looking hair acts as a ham fisted moral guardian, Hauser knows way more than he is telling, this show is ugly and the main characters are all ciphers with no back-story, no characterization and no interest.

This was not good. What was the Warden? Why did he provoke prison riots and experiment on blood? Why didn’t the doctor know all that was going on? Why does Rebecca ruin everything? What does Hauser know? Lucy was not a nice person was she?
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