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Reviews of ‘Revolution’ coming soon.

‘The Following’ promo

Once Upon A Time’ 1x17 promo

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Sinead’s full name is Sinead O’Connor - is that a joke? Everyone think Myra is pregnant by Dirk but she isn’t. Seamus walks around in his ugly attire - so that is where Brendan got his 1970s dress sense from. Will wears another of his huge cardis. Seamus is onto Brendan. Ste is a twit, he knows what Brendan tried to have done to his father and doesn‘t care. Jacqui is not seen. Ruby, Sinead and Bart physically attack Esther. Bart takes a swing at a teacher. The principle makes it all Esther’s fault and he doesn’t care about the Facebook bullying either. He tells her it is all her own fault.

Myra and Dirk are to marry. A Savage/McQueen merger - shudder. Dirk asks Dodger to be his best man even after Dodger’s whole REAL family crap. Dodger makes a production out of stepping aside for Will. Joel and Bart sulk in hoodies and Brendan mouth breathes and bullies them out of town. I am sure the pot stirring Ruby will make this all Esther’s fault.

Best Line:
“The last thing I need is you and your poison.”

‘For Heaven’s Eyes Only’ Quotes:
“Hell isn’t other people, Eddie. Hell is an empty house, forever and ever and ever.”

“I thought we’d killed off everyone as powerful as us.”

“You’ve never had any faith in the family psychics, have you Edwin?”
“Well, they didn’t predict my bloody death, did they?”
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