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Book Review: From Hell With Love

From Hell With Love by Simon R. Green

The 4th ‘Secret Histories’ novel sees Eddie Drood leap into the fray yet again. The Matriarch has been murdered, a wannabe super villain is suddenly a major threat and the Droods discover their clan has a dark counterpart.

This is an action packed tale that is far bet than the disappointing ‘The Spy Who Haunted Me’. It has murder, treachery, pop culture homages, action and Eddie Drood once against standing between humanity and the forces of darkness. This was good with a cliffhanger ending.

Best Lines:
“Claudia, put that portable disintegrator back where you found it.”

“A Name I didn’t even want to think out loud, in case He heard me.”

“Whatever the Immortals are, Eddie, they’re a long way from anything we’d call human.”

“Just what were they hiding here, that needed to be imprisoned so deep in the earth? Were they worried about something getting in, or something getting out?”

“That sweet old man produced a turd like you?”

“We regularly locate and identify useful embittered people, and give them funding. Just to see what will happen.”

“I didn’t want to see what lay beyond the Apocalypse Door.”
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