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‘Utopia’ promo
This new Channel 4 show looks bad.

‘Evil Dead’ (2013) trailer
Why do they ignore the ‘Leave This Book Alone’ warning? There’s something in the woods and it leads to vomiting, zombies in the cellar, a chainsaw attack and gore via electric carving knife. I’m there.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ruby has turned the bus crash tribute page into an Esther hate site. For some reason no teachers or parents object. Ruby and Sinead fail to acknowledge they are bullies. Bart joins in the bullying by physically attacking Esther when she points out that he caused the bus crash. John Paul calls his son Matthew Jesus and is somehow qualified to be an English teacher. Dr Paul manipulates the McQueens some more. Craig wants nothing to do with JP or their son, charming. Thanks TPTB for ruining their sunset ending.

Brendan celebrates his dad’s murder by eating with gusto and shagging Ste in the nightclub and deli. Ste gurns and is stupid and spineless. Brendan is happy his dad his dead until Seamus comes home looking slightly bedraggled and asks: “Did someone die?” Ha, now how did Seamus walk off Joel bashing him in the head and locking him in a burning shed? Seamus’ return was the funniest thing this show has done since Maddie’s death via flaming mini bus door.

Best Lines:
“It’s not just me that hates you. It’s everyone.”

“Have you never made a mistake before?”
“I’m looking at it.”

“Why do good people like this have to die when losers like Esther pissy pants Bloom are allowed to live?”

I’ve no interest in reading: ‘The Lifeboat’, ‘Through To You’, ‘Two Graves’, ‘Seraphina’ or ‘The Body Electric’.

Reviews of ‘The Rook’, ‘Mysterium’ and ‘The Disappearance’ coming soon.

I am reading ‘For Heaven’s Eyes Only’.

‘The Poseidon Adventure’ Quote:
“Linda, next time, you put something on, like I told you to put on.”

‘Fawlty Towers’ Quote:
“And two dead pigeons in the water tank.”

‘Glee’ Quotes:
“You should be dancing it like ‘Black Swan’ levels of psychosis by now.”

“Our invitation was not extended to pre-op Precious based on the novel barf by Sapphire and Mike and Molly’s daughter as part of our crew.”
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