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Book Reviews: Pet Sematary + Children of the Night + Furious

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

The Creed family move to the town of Ludlow. Their new home is idyllic apart from the nearby road where trucks drive by killing pets and occasionally people. It never occurs to the Creeds to build a fence around their property, this is one of the first hints that something lurks in Ludlow.

Ludlow has a dark secret. In the local pet cemetery and the Indian burial ground beyond it, something ancient and primordial likes to lure people in. Louis Creed buries the family cat in the burial ground after it is hit by a truck. The cat comes back to life. Then the Creeds suffer another loss and Louis makes the decision to return to the burial ground ignoring all warnings and rational thought. This is an excellent grim tale of death and primal malevolence.

Best Line:
“It occurred to him even then that there was something too convenient about that blowdown and the way it stood between the pet cemetery and the depths of the woods beyond.”

Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey

This is the 2nd ‘Diana Tregarde Investigation’ after ‘Burning Water’. This takes chronologically before that book and is set in the 1970s despite being published in 1990. Diana is an occult supply store worker, a witch, romance author and overly fond of leotards. She takes a break from patronising customers and mocking rednecks to get caught up with vampires. The snotty, smug and judgemental Diana has to foil the evil vampires while hooking up with the friendly neighbourhood vampire Andre.

The book is full of dated references to Watergate, Sassoon cuts, fringed jackets, bell bottoms, hippies and a new fangled thing called role playing games. This was okay but not as good as ‘Burning Water’.

Best Lines:
“This some kind of hippie store?”

“Out, or I‘ll call Challenge. This is my place, and you aren’t welcome in it.”

“One noise out of character, much less a scream, and everybody in the building comes running with knives and baseball bats in hand.”

“I might as well strip naked and run through the woods in deer season with antlers tied on my head.”

“The little lamb has developed teeth.”

“What did you think he was? For that matter, what did you think you were?”

Kris Longknife: Furious by Mike Shepherd

The 10th in the series is slow moving and uninteresting. Kris is suffering the consequences of the choices she made in ‘Daring’. Choices which have left her a pariah on the run, homeless, abandoned by her family, facing trial and worst of all, broke.

But Kris fights through these things and the book ends on a discovery that will change Kris’ world yet again. This disappointed but I will read the upcoming ‘Defender’.

Best Lines:
“It would sure be nice if all the people working in secret, including my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my father, would let the rest of humanity in on what they’re doing to save us all before one of those humongous mother ships drops by to strip one of our planets bare.”

“That will teach those revolting peasants to take pitchforks to their betters.”
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