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Movie Reviews: Kick-Ass + The Edge

Kick-Ass (2010)

Dave a loser decides to become a superhero because he is bored. He assembles an idiot costume and takes on two local punks, it goes badly. But he persists, sets up a MySpace page and ends up combating mob boss D’Amico (Mark Strong).

Dave also hooks up with Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca of ‘Nikita’) and meets two other ‘superheroes’ named Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter Hit Girl. Meanwhile D’Amico’s son Chris wants to impress his dad by taking down the heroes. Hit Girl kills people, Big Daddy dresses like Batman, Dave is stupid and there is a big improbable showdown. This was okayish but overly violent and with excessive swearing. D’Amico’s wife is played by Yancy Butler of ‘Witchblade’. Sadly she is only in about two scenes.

Best Lines:
“Prison was not his natural habitat.”

“I’m not gonna stop. Not until D’Amico and his whole damn operation are burnt to ashes and buried.”

“Had a sleepover and spent the whole night watching the entire ‘Ugly Betty’ boxset.”

“I’m getting the bazooka!”

The Edge (1997)

Billionaire Charles (Anthony Hopkins) and photographer Bob (Alec Baldwin of ‘The Shadow’ and ‘Malice’) have aggro over Charles suspecting Bob wants to kill him and steal his wife Mickey (Elle MacPherson). A small plane carrying them and the dead meat assistant (Harold Perrineau of ‘Lost’ and ‘28 Weeks Later’) crashes in the wilderness.

Luckily Charles had read a survival manual not too long ago and goes all Bear Grylls in a rated M for Manly fashion. Bob tags along and their survival quest isn’t very interesting even as they are stalked by a bear. This wasn’t good and the ending is ridiculous.
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