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‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ trailer
Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel are all grown up and go around hunting and burning witches. This looks stupid beyond words and like ‘Van Helsing’ on meth.

‘Pet Sematary’ (1989) trailer
Bad child actors, a burial ground, resurrection, fake lightening, Denise Crosby and yelling.

I am reading ‘From Hell With Love’.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: why is Dodger’s REAL dad in the opening credits? Ruby continues to bully Esther. No-one notices. Nancy is horrible. Cheryl won’t wear a bra. Frankie is a dreadful person. A social worker shows up at the Osborne’s house and fails to notice any wrongdoing. Alas poor Esther.

Brendan plays the martyr. Nancy once again plays the nothing is ever her fault card. Jono’s ashes get spilled all over the floor and this prompts Ruby to order Esther kicked out of the house. Frankie is a horrible person and yet again fails to notice her grand-daughter Esther is being horribly bullied.

Brendan plays the martyr, Ste is stupid, Seamus finds out about Brendan and Ste. Cheryl’s brain seems to have completely disintegrated. TPTB remind us yet again that Brendan is the victim in all this even as he orders Joel to kill Seamus. Joel actually goes through with it. Will TPTB let Brendan away with yet another murder?

Frankie lets Esther come home and fails to notice Ruby’s hatred for Esther. Ruby is obviously evil and openly calls Esther stupid something Frankie just ignores. Mitzeee’s sister Maxine realises Esther is being bullied and her attempt to help just makes Ruby up her cruelty. I can see Esther’s bullying storyline ending with her ODing on Nancy’s c-section painkillers. When will the odious, intolerable, detestable and poisonous Ruby pay for her sins?

Best Lines:
“There is absolutely no respect in this house at the moment.”

“You will pay for this Esther.”

‘From Hell With Love’ Quote:
“Something inside threw itself against the confining walls, and a terrible scream filled my head...it’s called the Howling Thing.”
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