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Movie Review: Enchanted

Enchanted (2007)

It opens with a sappy animated prologue where Giselle sings and prances and has an adventure with forest animals and a stupid Prince. Then the evil Queen shoves her down an extremely deep wishing well and Giselle ends up in real world New York and she's not a toon anymore.

Giselle staggers around wearing a dress the size of a house and everyone ignores her. Everyone that is except 6 year old Morgan and her divorce lawyer father Robert (Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey). Cue some song and dance numbers, sap and Giselle acting like she belongs on a brain injury ward and Robert tosses aside his long term relationship Nancy for Giselle.

Giselle's former Prince and Nancy run off together, nobody notices or cares. Robert and Giselle are too busy getting soaked in the rain and being menaced by a giant dragon. This film has laughs, musical numbers and Patrick Dempsey getting wet. Which is reason enough to watch it.
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