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Book Reviews: The Spy Who Haunted Me + The Revenge of Eli Monpress + Brenda & Effie Forever!

The Spy Who Haunted Me by Simon R. Green

This is the 3rd in the ‘Secret Histories’ series. I’ve not yet read books 1&2. Eddie Drood’s family has spent centuries keeping humanity safe from human and inhuman enemies. Now a legendary spy is offering all his secrets to a worthy successor. Eddie steps up to compete for the secrets but there is a catch. This druidic James Bond adventure was okay but the unnecessary crossover with Green’s ‘Nightside’ series dragged it down.

Best Lines:
“Power corrupts, she was prone to say darkly, and your family has become so very powerful, Eddie.”

“I wouldn’t know duty and responsibility if I fell over them in the gutter.”

“Something very old and unspeakably powerful lies sleeping, buried deep under the permafrost.”

“Why are you standing behind me?”
“Because I’m not stupid.”

The Revenge of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron

This is an omnibus edition of book 4 (‘The Spirit War’) and book 5 (‘Spirit’s End’) in the ‘Eli Monpress’ series. The smug and arrogant trio of Eli, Josef and Nico get back-story as they prance around the land causing trouble. The Immortal Empress returns to stage an invasion to win back the favour of The Shepherdess, Miranda tries to be do the moral thing and everything is explained more or less. This was an okay but overly padded read but the tiresome arrogance of Eli and co grates on the nerves.

Best Lines:
“What makes you think any of this is my fault?”
“The fact that it’s always your fault.”

“For a country burned to the ground by the Immortal Empress, Osera looked remarkably well.”

“Now leave, you’re bleeding all over my floor.”

“They didn’t call my grandfather Bloody Liechten because of his contributions to the arts.”

“That’s why you made us? A dog-and-pony show to distract the spirits from remembering they were in a lifeboat surrounded by sharks?”

Brenda & Effie Forever! By Paul Magrs

The final ever ‘Brenda & Effie’ book is a letdown. The doddering spinsters are enjoying a sojourn in Paris when they are warned not to return to Whitby or disaster will follow. Naturally they return to Whitby and disaster proceeds to follow very, very slowly.

The silly old biddies get caught up in a plot involving a sentient stuffed toy, witchy undead Bronte sisters, fairies, vampires, mermaid stew and the local cannibal. This was boring, the characters are all annoying and the cover art was fugly. This was an utter disappointment full of ass pull plot resolutions.
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