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‘The Spy who Haunted Me’ Quotes:
“Why don’t you go and haunt a house somewhere?”
“Because I frighten the ghosts.”

“I wouldn’t even use the toilet in a place like this.”

“The maze was designed and built in Georgian times to hold and contain Something, but no one now remembers who or what or why...Now and again we throw into the maze someone we don’t like very much, just to see what will happen. So far, none of them have ever come out again.”

“He and his followers tried to invoke and summon a great and primal power. But when he caught a glimpse of precisely what it was he was trying to bring through into our reality, he was so horrified he broke off the working and ran away screaming.”


‘Wonder Woman’ (2009) was a pathetic sexist animated mess.

I am reading ‘The Spy Who Haunted Me’.
On ‘Hollyoaks’, Christmas Day in the McQueen house say John-Paul return home and evade questions about Craig. Nana McQueen did not take turkey out of the freezer so the McQueen’s had turkey nuggets for Christmas dinner. Finally Myra mentioned her mother making her abandon her first born child, but didn’t bring up how that child later returned all grown up to kill his mother and siblings.

The class free Mercedes and her latest boyfriend Dr Paul showed up and were slung out. Dr Paul has seemingly evaded justice for killing someone. A baby was dumped in the McQueen’s tacky Christmas display in the garden. Myra wore a light up Christmas Day outfit. Jacqui found proof of Cindy having an affair with Rhys and smashed a large Santa ornament over her head. All in all, a good day.

‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ promo
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