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Book Review: 1635: The Papal Stakes

1635: The Papal Stakes by Eric Flint with Charles E. Gannon

Rome is in turmoil, the Pope is on the run and various baddies have malice festering in their heads. The arrogant uptimers stomp around Europe demanding that things go their way and then sulk when they don’t. This was a tiresome and really boring entry in ‘The Ring of Fire’ series. 

It has way too much talk, excessive exposition dumps, the uptimers are way too smug and arrogant and w
here on Earth did Richelieu go? ‘The Ring Of Fire’ series is in a real downturn lately with this book and the previous ‘Ring of Fire III’ and ‘1636: The Saxon Uprising’. I’ve decided that ‘1636: The Kremlin Games’ is make or break for this series. If ‘1636: The Kremlin Games’ is as bad as this, then I’m done with this series.
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