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Thoughts of the Day + a 2005 tape tale

A 3rd ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie? Yay!

I have resumed reading ‘1635: The Papal Stakes’ and am not impressed.

‘Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings’ Quote:
Be careful, there may be underpants.”

Cleared out a tape from 2005. It began with a ‘Stargate SG1’ ep ‘Crossroads’ that guest starred Vanessa Angel, Musetta Vander and Peter Wingfieled. A symbiont claims to be good, so Tokra Barbie (Angel) arranges for it to have a host (Wingfield). It calls itself Tanith and claims to be nice but isn’t. Tanith was an underused bad guy and sadly no-one ever tried to save the unfortunate host. This had a germ of a good idea but wasn’t good however it did have ominous Latin chanting!

Best Line:
“We will meet again, you have my promise.”

Then came a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ ep ‘Grace Under Pressure’ which was a McKay ep. Enough said. Then came the final ever ‘Threshold’ ep ‘Alienville’ which had no real tie up to this enjoyable alien invasion show. An alien baby is about to be born and Peter Dinklage (of ‘Game of Thrones’) and Brent Spiner (of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) run around. Meanwhile elsewhere Carla Gugino (of ‘Watchmen’) and Brian Van Holt (of ‘House of Wax’) also run around avoiding aliens. This was too dumb and nothing is resolved which was a shame as this show started out wonderfully.

Finally there was the final ever ’Point Pleasant’ ep ‘Family Style’ which saw teenage antichrist Christina Nickson (Elisabeth Harnois) abandoned by her boyfriend Jesse and best friend Judy. So poor Christina embraced her evil side and tormented those who turned their backs on her. This show had nice opening credits.

Judy’s father Ben (Richard Burgi) was pompous, Team Vatican came up with a ludicrous plan to kill Christina, local teen trash Terry ran off and Christina’s protector Boyd (Grant Show) continued to steal the show with his sarcasm. Everyone on team good was either a psycho, a jackass or a moron or all three in Jesse’s case. So the fact that Christina triumphs is no real shock. God has no place in this town.

Jesse is given a message by Terry’s dead father but does not listen. Jesse showing off abysmal acting tries to kill his one time girlfriend Christina and fails. So she kills him and strolls off to her destiny while a huge flock of crows follow her. This was mediocre mostly due to all the good ones being fools it is only Logan aka Jesse’s jackass dad to point out that all the good ones are morons.

Best Lines:
“It is raining death around here.”

“The big brown eyes say sincere but the knife in your hand is throwing me.”

“I won.”
“That’s my girl.”
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