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‘The Clique’ (2008) was a big pile of poo.

Reviews of ‘From Hell With Love’ and ‘For Heaven’s Eyes Only’ coming soon.

I am reading ‘Ghost of a Dream’.

Chocolate chip cookie dough bites = yum.

On ‘Eastenders’, Kat Moon’s lover was revealed to be the short rotund rubbish local bully Derek. Kat’s husband Alfie yelled and threw Kat out of his pub by her ratty hair while Derek lit a big phallic cigar to celebrate his moral turpitude.

‘Ghost of A Dream’ Quotes:
“He might have been attractive enough if he’d ever stopped scowling, slouching, and saying inappropriate things in a loud and carrying voice.”

“The local mine-shaft they had to close down because miners working on a new seam heard sounds of someone else digging on the other side.”

“I wouldn’t even know this ghost was here if I couldn’t see it standing there scowling at me, and I do wish it would stop doing that.”

‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ (book) Quotes:
“I am reading The Black Prince, by Iris Murdoch. I can only understand one word in ten. It is now my ambition to actually enjoy one of her books. Then I will know I am above the common herd.”

“My mother apologized on behalf of my father who was hiding in the coal shed.”

“I am committed radical. I am against nearly everything.”

“My mother reads anything. She is prostituting her literacy.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, it is the all Brendan all the time show. Cheryl is really stupid as her and Brendan’s father Seamus gets his feet under the table. No-one at all seems to care Ste is cheating on Doug with Brendan. Cheryl is a shrill strident mad talker, Brendan is emotionally unstable and full of accusatory language. Ste is inexorably stupid.

Brendan plays the victim some more. Seamus is dismissive of Brendan and his drama queen antics. Mitzeee runs around in prostitute shoes, she’ll be leaving soon sadly. Ste vows not to give up on Brendan. Poor poor Doug. Ste has moved Brendan into his house. Where is Billy? Doug hasn’t been gone a week and Ste is having new daddy Brendan read bedtime stories to his kids. Ste lies to Amy about where Doug is. I hope his kids end up in care. In other storylines: Mercedes' pervert barrister returns as does John-Paul.

Best Lines:
“You are cheaper than one of Myra’s knockoff perfumes!”

“I’m his Da, for my sins.”

“Finally it’s happened, moustaches like yours are back in fashion.”

“I’ve seen more convincing men on top of a wedding cake.”

“That jumped up scallywag is as bent as the Kenmare Road.”
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