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Plague Town + Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations, part 1

Plague Town by Dana Fredsti
Ashley Parker is a mature student attending college in the small town of Redwood Grove. Aside from a jerk classroom assistant and a flu epidemic, life seems good. And then the flu victims who die reanimate as zombies.

Ashley is one of a few who are immune to the virus and is recruited as a zombie killer. This is a good exciting zombie adventure with one flaw: Ashley’s bizarre ‘romance’ does not ring true.

Best Line:
“I couldn’t resist a peek out the living room window. When I saw what was out there, I wished I’d had better restraint.”

Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations edited by William Jones, part 1

Isolation Point, California

A man and women are some of the very few survivors of a hate plague. This was mediocre.

A retired code breaker is asked to study one last code. This was not good.

Space travel goes badly wrong in this bad confusing tale.

A nutter acts nuts. This was bad.

The Signal
A PI is asked for help with a disappearance. This was good.

Fractal Freaks
An utterly weird tale of monsters and technobabble. It was awful.

Ghost Lens
A man makes an unfortunate discovery in the woods. This was good but the ending makes no sense.

Dead Air
A DJ’s influence is felt from beyond the grave. This was bad.
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