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The Town 1x03 + Fringe 5x10 Reviewed

The Town 1x03
And so this series ends as Mark overlooks his sister’s birthday and Betty keels over. Alice’s husband Karl and his chavvy mates beat up Mark. The local cop, Chris, shows up to justify and like the BBC’s excellent ‘Exile’, this otherwise enjoyable drama falls apart in ep 3. Mark learns about a mysterious grave and some secrets of the jolly fat mayor Len.

People over emote, there is a revelation and bun throwing, Jodie and Harry reunite and in a flurry of bad acting the truth comes out. The final confrontation scene was idiotic and makes no sense. This was a crappy ending to ‘The Town’.

Best Line:
Liked the buns, got bored, went home.”

Black Blotter
Walter acts crazy, again. He trips and sees hallucinations of his dead co-worker Carla who was seen in season 2’s ‘Peter’. Olivia and Peter go looking for stuff; Peter seems to be having no real side effects from the Observer tech. Sam Weiss’ fate is revealed. Walter has an animated trip. Olivia and Peter stumble across idiots and there is an ‘ominous’ ending. This was good.

Best Line:
“You’re burning up and I know how that feels."
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