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‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ trailer
Is that Pike speaking? Is he talking to Kirk or to the villain? Why is Chekov in red? WTF is going on? This looks good.

Best Line:
“You think you are safe. You are wrong.”

‘Plague Town’ Quotes:
“I nodded, wondering if I could beat a zombie’s brain out with its own leg.”

“If you rip off an arm...that’s one limb less your opponent has to grab you with. A leg? It can’t run after you.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste dumped his kids and ran off to Dublin to reunite with his abuser, somehow he overlooked the custody issue with Billy. Ste was delighted to see Brendan overlooking the fact that last time he saw Brendan, he got punched in the face. Ste is a raving hypocrite over Brendan hooking up with John-Paul McQueen. Ste is only to eager to forget Doug as he begs Brendan to take him back overlooking the fact he is legally bound to Doug. Ste is a selfish inconsiderate git. The writers make Brendan the victim in all this and make Cheryl his cheerleader as she berates Doug for getting in the way of the Steden.

Dodger is orange. John-Paul McQueen is a stroppy moaning git and thanks TPTB for ruining his character. Why did Craig dump him after 5 years? Brendan tells blatant lies to Ste and seemingly forgets about the two kids of his own he has neglected for years. TPTB spit on Craig and John-Paul’s sunset ending. Ste blubbers over Brendan and his emotional adultery is gross. Doug is hurting and neither Cheryl or Ste care. This was just pathetic.

Why does Cheryl thinking ruining Ste/Doug for Ste to hook up with his abuser is romantic? How can Texas just use Ste’s ticket to run away to the USA? Why wasn’t John-Paul more curious about Ste the one time local Hollyoaks drug dealer/ner do well bursting into Brendan’s hotel room?

Best Lines:
“Everyone’s gay!”

“Last time I saw Ste he had a missus and two kids.”

“It’s the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen, I love it.”

“The monster that beat him black and blue might still want to get with him. Yeah that’s great, let’s pop open the champagne.”

“Never thought I’d stoop so low. Chasing a moving vehicle.”

“You always hang around bus shelters?”

“This is a happy day for all of us isn’t it?”
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