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Book Reviews: Ghost of A Smile + The Visitor

Ghost of A Smile: A Ghost Finders Novel by Simon R. Green

The 2nd in the series about the Carnacki Institute sees JC, Melody and Happy sent to a research centre where something has Gone Horribly Wrong. An experiment has unleashed something terrible and the team have to stop it. But first they have to uncover what is really going on.

This was excellent, a nice creepy story. Plus the plot arc and plot foreshadowing has really kicked in.

Best Lines:
“We were never meant to be human...what we know as humanity was only meant to be a stepping stone...all of our knowledge and civilization was a mistake, because what we were supposed to be would never have needed them.”

“I have seen God. Or his angels. And they are not what we thought they were...I have seen the future, and it is beautiful and glorious, but we have no place in it.”

“That does not sound like someone you can stroll up to and have a nice little chat with.”

“You don’t normally get fog inside a building.”

“You don’t normally get to see things like that outside of a Cronenberg film.”

The Visitor by Sheri S. Tepper

Disme Latimer lives in a world very different from ours, a world changed by an event hundred of years previously. Disme comes into possession of a book written by scientist from the 21st century who was planning to save Earth from catastrophe after an asteroid strike. This has the germ of a good story in it but sadly like ‘Raising The Stones’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘The Fresco’ - it is a turkey. The book is not helped by being full of Tepper’s tiresome atheistic ranting.

Best Line:
“Better a false inclusion than a false exclusion!”
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