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Arrow 1x09 Review

Year’s End

Adam Hunt makes a brief return before being murdered. It is Christmas and Oliver tries to enforce joviality on his kinfolk. There are more island flashbacks and some revelations are made.

Merlyn Snr of all people names the vigilante Green Arrow and I suspect he knows who the vigilante is. Oliver has to ask Quentin Lance for help. Felicity and her excessive lipstick annoys slightly less. The Police Commissioner is both annoying and incapable.

There is Windows 8 product placement, Quentin Lance is ordered off the vigilante case and Tommy Merlyn chases Laurel. I suspect Mrs Merlyn must have had an affair because Tommy Merlyn and his dad have nothing in common whatsoever.

Thea has a boyfriend and his a snot. Oliver gets his ass kicked by another archer, only this one is evil. But is the Dark Archer a mere minion of someone worse? There is a not unexpected revelation about who the Dark Archer is. Bad things happen to Walter, Moira lies and Merlyn Snr is planning something. This was good, the Dark Archer plotline has so much potential though as long as they don’t pull a Harry Osborne in the dreadful ’Spiderman 3’ style plot with Tommy Merlyn.

Best Lines:
“You are not dead. Good.”

“We rob banks and smoke crack together.”

“How are you?”
“Proficient with firearms.”

“Something is holding me back.”
“Right. Keep listening to that something.”
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