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Book Review: Ghost of A Chance

Ghost Of A Chance: A Ghost Finders novel by Simon R. Green

The 1st in a new series about the Carnacki Institute which exists to Do Something about hauntings. Three of its operatives are JC, Melody and Happy who are sent to a major haunting at Oxford Circus tube station. What they find isn’t a haunting, it’s something worse. To add to JC, Melody and Happy’s woes operatives of the Institute’s deadly enemies the Crowley Project are on hand. This was excellent, a great fun read.

Best Lines:
“A sense of unease and of being watched? You can get that in a public toilet.”

“Don’t tell me one of the Royal Corgis has got possessed again.”

“Have you stopped taking your antipsychotic medication again.”

“The Project are undoubtedly a bunch of complete and utter evil bastards, with an unhealthy interest in world domination.”

“Talk to me; or I’ll take my shades off again.”

“You punch like a junkie.”
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