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Movie Review: Eclipse (2010)

The 3rd in the ‘Twilight Saga’ sees Bella continuing to obsesses over her emotionally abusive boyfriend Edward. She ignores werewolf Jacob who refuses to wear a shirt. Some mean vampires stalk Bella, the mean vampires are led by Victoria (is she played by a different actress?).

Everyone obsesses over precious Bella. Edward is a jerkass. Bella eye rolls and doesn’t listen. Vampires wear makeup that makes them look consumptive. There are silly flashbacks. People deliver ridiculous dialogue in over dramatic fashion.

CGI wolves run around, Edward gives Bella a really ugly engagement ring and Bella ignores her father’s obvious concern for her. Bella and Edward frolic in really fake looking snow. Vampires and werewolves fight the bad vampires. Heads get punched off, vampires flail their arms around, werewolves eat vampires, Bella is ever useless and Victoria dies when her head falls off. This was stupid and how many people have to die for the thankless Bella and her false crisis’s?

Best Lines:
“We’ll find you someone to drink.”

“I don’t particularly like you.”

“I was a little theatrical back then.”
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