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Trailers & Quotes

‘Fringe’ 5x10 promo

Best Line:
“Every conspiracy has a traitor.”

‘Last Resort’ 1x11 promo
Mutiny! Kendal cracks! Guns! War! Looks good.

I like Turtle Bars, yum yum yum.

‘Fawlty Towers’ Quotes:
“In a moment, my little piranha fish.”

“That’s puke that is.”

“Ignorant rabble.”

“Didn’t see you down there. Don’t get up.”

“No cuddle.”

“There’s a hair in my mousse.”

“You cloth eared bint!”

The reviews for the Spice Girls jukebox musical ‘Viva Forever’ are brutal.

ITV’s latest one off drama ‘The Making of a Lady’ was a load of trash. Servants and in laws lurked menacingly after a poor girl married a toff (Linus Roache). This just induced general malaise.

Best Line:
“It seems to be a family trait, choosing unsuitable wives.”

‘I am Legend’ Quotes:
“30 minutes to what?”
“They’re sealing off the island.”

“Did it jump? Is it airborne?”

‘Ghost of a Smile’ Quotes:
“What if we all get killed in there?”

“Keys are for wimps.”

“Whenever some scientist starts quoting Nietzsche, you know it is never going to be good.”

“Faces that weren’t dead enough.”

“Happy was making loud, whimpering noises but stood his ground. If only because all the ways to the exits were blocked.”

“There’s nothing there! Except there is!”

“If anyone feels like doing something dramatic and violent, I wouldn’t object in the least.”

“An exorcism grenade.”

“It’s thinking things like that that make my head hurt.”

“I can smell blood, too. Oh yes, there it is.”
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