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TV review: Secret Smile Part 2

Secret Smile Part 2

Brendan continues to charm Miranda's family at least until he dumps Kerry on their wedding day. The fact he marries Miranda's friend Laura on the exact same day, finally clues Kerry and the family in that he's a bad man. But Laura's marriage to Brendan makes no sense. When did her IQ drop so badly? Miranda scrunches up her sun damaged face, shakes her over bleached hair and raises her over plucked eyebrows to convey distress as her synapses quietly fry.

Then Laura dies amidst some gratuitous nudity. So Miranda continues stalking Brendan to prove that he's the crazy one. There aren't words to describe how I'm feeling. David Tennant flashes his killer clown stare and smile as the bog standard plot drags on. Everyone but Miranda is too much of a dim bulb to stop him apparently. Then Miranda joins up with Brendan's latest woman Naomi to halt his rampage. Brendan beaks into Miranda's flat (she hasn't changed the locks or installed a security system despite being menaced by killer clown Brendan) and something bad happens.

Events hurtle towards the twist ending. Which requires sloppy forensics, lax passport control, Brendan forgetting something, an extremely speedy trial, slack immigration control and an extremely forgiving family.

This was bog standard.
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