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Once Upon A Time 1x14 Review


In fairytale land, fairies with squeaky voices hang out. Fairy Nova (Amy Acker) falls in love with the dwarf Dreamy. Her boss The Blue Fairy (the chick with the chicken arse lips from ‘Jake 2.0’) disapproves.

The dwarves get some back-story and it is kind of creepy. They seem to be a slave race hatched from eggs who have no purpose in life but to mine diamonds to make fairy dust. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is the town harlot/pariah. She and town drunk Leroy (aka Dreamy) team up to sell candles on behalf of the nuns. Leroy fancies a nun named Astrid (aka Nova).

Mary Margaret wails about being disliked, well she is a home wrecker. Emma trusts Sidney Glass. Why is she so dumb? Kathryn is missing and David is the prime suspect. David is as dumb as a sack of rocks. Regina and Sidney Glass stir the pot.

Nova/Astrid is really stupid and passive in both her iterations. Emma seems to have forgotten the mine that featured in an earlier ep. Emma is manipulated by Sidney and Regina. Mary Margaret is selfish and unpleasant. Mr Gold lurks to be a jerk. Leroy manipulates people into forgiving Mary Margaret because lord forbid pixie cut pay for her sins. This was okay.

Best Line:
“They’ll pay us just to leave.
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