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Trailers & a 1998 tape tale

‘GI Joe: Retaliation’ trailer
Why is the real President not dead? The North Korea joke is funny. Cobra melt London. This looks okay.

Best Line:
“Drive it like you stole it.”

‘Man of Steel’ trailer
Clark Kent is miserable. Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) is interesting. Is that Zod? Amy Adams plays Lois and I can recall her as a season 1 ‘Smallville’ baddie. This looks good.

‘Beautiful Creatures’ (2013) promo
Oh hell no, the book sucked BTW.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Liberty Savage cannot act. TPTB assassinate Rhys’ character some more. Will creeps, is he the new Warren Fox? Jacqui now she knows Rhys impregnated Sinead is ready to blow. Cindy is gross. Dodger’s REAL family have no time for the Savage clan. Dirk has finally had enough of Dodger. Sienna bullies Texas. Mitzeee and her sister wear slutty Santa outfits.

Ste defrosts the freezer with a hairdryer as Cheryl takes it upon herself to interfere in Ste and Doug’s relationship. Sienna stirs the pot and ruins Dodger’s marriage proposal to Texas. Ste moons over Brendan. Why does Ste want to reunite with his abuser? Why is Cheryl encouraging it? Ste is disgusting.

Best Lines:
“I can’t eat anything in layers.”

“Don’t interrupt, I’m on a roll.”

“In America our queen is called Oprah.”

“Bye daddy Doug.”

I am reading ‘Ghost of A Chance’.

Reviews of ‘Ghost of a Smile’, ‘Ghost of a Dream’ and ‘Plague Town’ coming soon.

Cleared out a tape from 1998. Up first was a season 2 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Phases’ in which Willow and Scott Evil/Oz flirted. Oz was so hipster cool it was sad. Oz is a werewolf, no shock. Willow is annoying. The werewolf costume looks like a man lurking under a thrift store reject rug. What became of Oz’s werewolf cousin Jordy? This was dull.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step and there conclusions were.”

“Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh uh. And how long has that been going on?”

“Defender of, um, things that need defending.”

“Sorry I almost ate you.”

“Three days out of the month I’m not much fun to be around either.”

Then came a ‘The Pretender’ ep ‘Over The Edge’ in which Jarod joins a rescue team and The Centre has ugly office politics. This bored.

Then came a ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ ep ‘The Greater Good’ in which there are silly fight scenes, Xena is hit by a poisoned crossbow dart and Gabrielle has to impersonate Xena. This had unfunny comedy and people kept being tossed into a horse trough. This was not good and where did Gabrielle get the black hair dye?

Best Lines:
“I have to practice.”
“Not on my horse.”

Finally there was a ‘The Burning Zone’ ep ‘Blood Covenant’ in which a nutter (Mark Lindsay Chapman) contaminates the blood supply of a city with Malaria. The team have to foil him. Cassain clenches his teeth, wields a floppy disc and has a huge mobile phone. There is made up computer technology. Marcase is a jackass. TPTB supply us with unpleasant facts about malaria. Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows off terrible acting as Marcase confronts a rude ‘friend’ with frosted hair who cannot act. This was okay.
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