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Last Resort 1x07 + Fringe 5x08 Reviewed

Nuke It Out

As Kendal and Chaplin try to find who the CIA sleeper agent in the crew is, things get tense. The COB takes issue with Serrat dealing drugs to the crew. The surviving black ops guy Booth plays divide and conquer with Kendal and it seems to be working. None of the island population seem to have a problem with Serrat unleashing a chemical weapon in 1x06.

Sophie yaps. Chaplin rants and is paranoid. Kylie learns what has become of Admiral Shepard. Christine gets assistance and makes an emotive TV appeal. Kendal blathers, the SEALS stir the pot and the sleeper agent is revealed. Christine’s lying lawyer Paul lies, Kylie bugs Paul, King cheats on Tani and Serrat and his perpetually unbuttoned shirt gets away with everything again. I recognised several locations from ‘Lost’ episodes. This was mediocre. The COB is in big trouble and it is clear that Kendal doesn’t trust Chaplin.

Best Lines:
“We have been betrayed.”

“We keep this up, we’re not going to have a crew.”

“Enjoy it man, you’re the good guys.”

“We don’t want you to come home Sam.”

“Parameters can always change.”

“Marcus has landed you in prison again...how much are you willing to give that man...you ready to start helping yourself.”

The Human Kind

Olivia goes to a scrap yard to get an electro magnet and meets an oracle. Peter acts creepy. Walter says he needs Peter which after season 4 rings hollow. There is still no clear idea of Walter’s plan. Windmark gloats at Peter. Olivia’s powers seem to have vanished. There is muttering about a Truth Church. Peter robot talks and there is a cop out ending. This was okay but once again TPTB cop out.

Best Lines:
“He has gained the ability to run futures.”

“The invaders as you call them. They’re just better at math than we are”

“There’s nothing I can do to get you back.”
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