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TV review: Secret Smile Part 1

Secret Smile (2005)

Part 1

Miranda has a one night stand with Brendan (David Tennant of 'Doctor Who') and then they date. Quickly she cops on that he's a weirdo and dumps hm. Then Brendan starts dating Miranda's stupid sister Kerry and Miranda realises that Brendan isn't a weirdo, he's a controlling, abusive nutter.

Brendan gets into the family's good graces and manipulates Troy, Miranda and Kerry's younger maniac depressive brother. In trying to show Brendan up for what he really is, Miranda only succeeds in alienating all her friends and family. Miranda can't make anyone, even her idiot siblings see what a fruit loop Brendan is. Then Troy jumps off Miranda's roof. This was a bit ugh, there is not one sympathetic character in this, not even Miranda.
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