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Where is the 3rd ‘Rune of Unmaking’ novel?

‘Cockneys v Zombies’ trailer
Zombies rampage in the East End and only foul mouthed heavily armed cockneys can stop them. Michelle Ryan is in this. It looks funny.

Best Lines:
“He’s eating a foot!”

“Piss off you muppets.”

‘Last Resort’ 1x10 promo
Things gets more complicated. Why oh why did this get axed?

‘Fringe’ 5x09 promo

‘The Lone Ranger’ trailer
Johnny Depp looks like a loon with a dead crow on his head. John Reid comes back from the dead and teams up with Tonto (Depp) to fight baddies. Isn’t the Lone Ranger an ancestor of The Green Hornet? This film looks moronic.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste who isn’t Leah’s dad is shocked when Leah’s bio-dad finally shows up wanting access. The bullying of Esther gets more twisted. Amy has not been told about Doug and Ste heading off to the States nor has she been told about Leah’s bio-dad showing up and disapproving of Ste and Doug. Elsewhere Dodger causes more issues by making it clear he wants to hang out with his posh REAL family overlooking the abundant evidence his ‘REAL’ family are obviously nutters. Theresa McQueen continues to get away with having murdered Carmel’s husband Calvin. Will Savage seemingly will not comb his hair. Jacqui finds out her dead husband shagged Sinead.

Read up on what ‘Crusade’ could have been. So much lost potential!

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“Drinking spirits at a kid’s party. How responsible.”

‘Star Trek: New Frontier’ books (all by Peter David) you should avoid reading, part 2:
Gods Above
After the Fall

I am reading ‘Count Vorpatril’s Alliance’.

‘Jack Reacher’ promo
Oh hell no.

‘After The Fall’ Quote:
“What matters the words of a lowborn idiot?”
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